Brazilian Food, Desserts, and Savory Snacks in Provo, UT


Combo it with fries and a drink or upgrade with fried Yucca or Polenta or Upgrade to Brazilian Lemonade or Samba Breeze

Beef roasted for 5 hours over wood and then shredded. Served on our fresh bakery bread with our special sauce.

A mix of ground beef and a deeply Smokey Blumenau sausage so it tastes like bacon is in your burger but better.

A sausage brought by the Italians to Brazil and served with our special sauces on our fresh bakery bread.

Potato dough shell wrapped around shredded chicken breast and cheese, finally deep-fried until golden and melty.

Potato dough shell wrapped around beef or ham and cheese and deep-fried until golden and melty.

Thin sheets of dough around your choice of fillings and deep-fried until crispy and hot.

Arabic type meatballs served with lime wedges.

Brazilian savory pie made with chicken or hearts of palm and baked until golden and hot. 

Another Arabic gift to Brazil these little pizza-style rounds are topped with beef, tomato, Arabic spices including mint and tahini and served with a wedge of lime.

Black beans with smoky pork, pork ribs, dry beef, and sausage served with rice, bacon sautéed greens, orange, and farofa.

Beef on the bone is roasted slowly until it forms a deep rich sauce that is served over soft polenta with parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

This classic Italian dish is mixed with heart of palm to create a traditional Italian immigrant dish. 

Tarts & Pies

Created by the Dutch that migrated to Brazil this is a triple thick cream flavored with Tahitian vanilla on a sweet cracker crust and a chocolate ganache on top.

This triple-thick cream has a layer of apricot puree on a chocolate crust and a coconut topping.

This is a triple-thick cream flavored with chocolate and on a hazelnut crust and raspberry glaze. 

Hazelnut and graham cracker crust layered with dolce de Leite, whole bananas, whip cream with Tahitian vanilla, and toffee bits on top.

A swiss special made with walnuts surrounded by a soft honey Carmel and baked in a sweet pastry crust.

This soft-baked custard is made with eggs, sweet and condensed milk and baked in a layer of caramelized sugar. It may look like a flan, but it is so much better. 

Milk, Coconut milk, sweet condensed milk, and coconut are set in a soft custard-like mold and served with fruit sauces.

Pave is built like tiramisu with layers of ladyfinger cookies and cream but instead of coffee flavor pave has fruits like strawberry, peach, and raspberry. See what pave we have on the day. 

A chocolate cake with a layer of Brigadeiro (chocolate cooked down with sweet condensed milk until it is like a soft gourmet tootsie roll). 

A moist cake layered with peaches and dolce de Leite. 

This cake was created for a famous Brazilian Miss Universe. This cake pulls all the stops out with candied walnuts, puree fruit layers, a thick whip cream frosting and the famous yellow strands of vanilla sweets draped over the top.

Before we go all yuck the Brazilians call nut stroganoff a mixture of finely chopped walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. mixed with dolce de Leite and whip cream to layer between the soft white cake. A nut lovers paradise.

Brazilian Churros are made with wheat flour and are more pastry-like than other churros, they are also hollow and we fill this space with dolce de Leite, Nutella, and other specialty flavors throughout the year.

A Brazilian styled doughnut that is sliced down the middle and filled with coconut cream, or guava, or dolce de Leite.

These Truffles are flavored in chocolate, coconut, cream, and other special flavors from time to time depending on the time of year.

This sweet bread looks like a cinnamon roll at first glance but instead of cinnamon is spiced coconut and butter.

This lightly sweetened cookie is wrapped around a dense guava jam before they are baked into perfect treats.